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Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and quantitative PCR (qPCR) are methods used to make copies of genetic material so that small amounts can be tested. Whether you are cloning DNA, conducting mutagenesis experiments, performing forensic or parental testing, or detecting pathogens, you can find the primers, polymerases, master mixes, dyes, and thermal cyclers you need to complete your workflow.

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Sample Preparation

Preparing samples for PCR or qPCR typically requires extraction and purification of nuclear material. Depending on the sample source, this may involve mechanical manipulation via homogenization or require the use of resins or beads to help bind the nucleic acids prior to purification. Prepare your samples with the help of DNA and RNA extraction, isolation, and purification kits, plus reagents, buffers, and more.

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PCR Amplification

Amplification is performed by combining a DNA segment, polymerase, nucleotide solution, and primers in a PCR tube or microplate. A thermal cycler is used to perform the following steps, repeating the process 35 to 40 times.

Denaturation: Hydrogen bonds are broken, DNA separates

Annealing: Primers and polymerase bind to the DNA

Extension: Nucleotides pair with the DNA to form a new complementary strand

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qPCR Reverse Transcription

In real-time PCR, RNA is converted to cDNA and then amplified using PCR. Common real-time PCR applications detect expressed genes, examine transcript variants, and create cDNA templates for cloning and sequencing procedures. Find polymerases, oligonucleotides, master mixes, and more below to support your real-time PCR assays.

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qPCR Quantification

Real-time PCR is used to detect specific DNA sequences. This method uses fluorescent dyes or probes to determine the amount of amplified material in your sample. Find a variety of master mixes, plus real-time PCR instruments, assays, and kits for quantifying your qPCR results.

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Essential Supplies

Find HEPA-filtered PCR enclosures to help keep contaminating particulates out of your workspace. Shop single-use PCR tubes and tube strips, nucleic acid microplates, PCR enclosures, and other labware that is certified free of DNAse, RNAse, DNA, and other potential interferants.

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