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Microbiology plays an important role in detecting bacterial contamination in food, beverages, and water and supporting the quality control of pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and biotechnology products. From sample collection and microbial identification to colony counting and sample storage, find microbiology testing products from brands you trust for every step of your workflow.

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Step 1. Sample Collection

Sample collection, maintaining microbial viability during transport, aliquoting, and other sample preparation requirements are important for successful cultures for pathogens and contamination. Find swabs and transport media, sample containers and bottles, and other essential products for collecting, transporting, and maintaining the integrity of your samples.

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Step 2. Inoculation & Plating

Properly inoculating culture media is also key to growing organisms. Shop for an assortment of inoculating loops and needles, dehydrated and prepared media, Petri dishes, microbiological filters, and other products for inoculating broths and agar plates.

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Step 3: Identification

Once your microbes have grown sufficiently, identification of their genus and species can help you determine the source of the contamination and appropriate treatment or remediation. Choose reagents and rapid test kits, stock cultures for quality control, and microplates and readers for automated analysis.

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Step 4: Incubation

Proper incubation, including continuous mixing, can be critical to microbial cultures, especially when culturing more fastidious organisms. Multiple standard and CO2 incubators, environmental chambers, temperature and humidity dataloggers, and other laboratory equipment can help you produce the right conditions to optimize microbial growth.

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Step 5: Microscopy

Determining growth, enumerating CFUs, and testing staining characteristics are key procedures for evaluating your cultures. Shop for colony counting products, microscopes, slides, and stains to assess culture growth and conditions.

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Step 6: Data & Storage

Sample and slide storage and wipes and disinfectants are needed in every microbiology lab. Keep your lab clean and organized with refrigerators, freezers, slide storage cabinets, and hand soaps and sanitizers.

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